Your School-Age Child is Active and Social

LVCC’s school-age classrooms provide before- and after-school care for elementary-age children. We strive to help produce happy, healthy, community oriented young adults.

To meet the varying needs and interests of school-age children, our program is both educational and recreational. The structure of the program and activities offered reflect the interests of the students and reinforce skills learned at school.

Although time is allocated for doing homework, school-age children may also participate in cooperative games, arts and crafts, computer activities, table games, cooking, woodworking, dramatics and/or sewing. In addition, children enjoy outdoor activities daily.

Many of our programs take place on-site in local elementary and intermediate schools, while in other cases LVCC provides transportation between the school and an LVCC center. Services vary slightly by location. For instance, some programs can provide care after half-day kindergarten, on school holidays and snow days.

Summer Explorers

The summer program is also intended to be both educational and recreational. It is designed around child-centered themes. Along with all the activities available during the school year, our summer program offers swimming, regular field trips, and more outdoor activities.


LVCC ensures that each center is staffed by experienced, degreed teachers. Our teachers are both professional educators and nurturing caregivers who protect and value each child. We recruit and retain the best employees and provide them with ongoing training and development opportunities.

The following LVCC locations offer school-age programs: